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Don't turn your fan into a vacuum cleaner

If we are to believe the weather forecast, we still have a few warm days to go. Your laptop or PC can talk about that. Overheating can damage your hardware and software, so read along and avoid showstoppers during your workday.

The internal cooling of your PC and laptop is provided by ventilation. It starts depending on the temperature. If this does not work, for example, the processor, hard disk and battery can suffer serious damage.

As a result, you can lose data, slow things down and even cause the device to suddenly shut down with a dead battery.

Give your laptop or PC a break

Sometimes you can't prevent the temperature from rising. But with a few precautions, that shouldn't have any consequences. Are you going to lunch or to an appointment? Then put your laptop or PC in sleep mode or in airplane mode. This prevents all kinds of processes and connections from keeping the PC busy and heating up unnecessarily.

Speaking of processes, a clean PC, free of unnecessary and even dangerous software and tools, ensures that the hardware is used the way you want it to. Regular scanning for malicious software and a good firewall can extend its lifespan.

Running software heats up your hardware

If you don't check the hardware performance on a regular basis, everything will run in the background after a while. Evil or not, they all demand processor speed and memory. The harder your PC has to work, the more it demands from your hardware. It warms up due to all the activity and that can ultimately be the death blow for the cooling.

Are you asking little of your device yourself, but is your PC just stomping and rattling? There is a good chance that your hardware needs to be examined for unwanted and invisible processes. It all counts.

The last tip is to unlearn the so-called 'laptop lunch'. Do you often eat over your PC or laptop? Then there is a good chance that the fan will not only suck in air, but also your crumbs and other junk. This also comes at the expense of the lifespan of your fan and therefore of the capacity to cool your device.

In addition, the inside does not like dust and crumbs. In the long run, it lowers hardware performance. So keep the area clean and go for a walk during lunch. Healthy too!

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