How Effective Are You Really With Email Marketing? HubSpot vs ActiveCampaign.

Where does HubSpot make the difference? A Brief History.

In the past, mail providers often stayed on the sidelines when it comes to the content part of your mass email sending. They provided the editor, the mail servers, and so on, and you provided the content. That no longer works, for several reasons.

It has everything to do with the cluttered stream of spam that affects us all to a greater or lesser extent. With more than 300 billion spam messages per day (!) spammers still manage to end up in their mailbox every time. In response, mail server administrators have tightened their thumbscrews.


Is a mail program used to send spam to mail servers? Then that mailing program or you as the sender run the risk of being blacklisted. That can also happen because an individual user – you – has used the system to send spam. Are you blacklisted? Then you can forget about email marketing for the foreseeable future.

The well-known mailing programs don't let it get that far. MailerLite, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Spotler and all other names: they monitor your shipment. For example, they ask again whether everyone agrees to shipping. In addition, they already put the unsubscribe link in the footer.

From ActiveCampaign to HubSpot CRM

Until recently, we at Aumatics used ActiveCampaign for our mailings. As a HubSpot partner, we are committed to using HubSpot at our booth. A move from ActiveCampaign to HubSpot CRM was therefore logical: practice what you preach. But one email marketing tool is not the same. HubSpot goes beyond other mailing programs. Before, during and after sending, we found out after sending our marketing emails. And that's exactly what makes HubSpot's Inbound Marketing philosophy so strong as CRM.

Only the highest quality in your CRM

If you want real results with your contact database, you must have a CRM with qualitative records. That means as many contacts as possible that actually have something to do with your brand, products and services, in whatever way. But also: that those contacts have not been there for years, without having made themselves heard.

HubSpot show that qualitative information, in the CRM hub, for example. Think, for example, of the last time a contact interacted with your platform, such as via website, a social media post, banner, service ticket or search advertisement.

HUBSPOT CRM: the best CRM with professional integration

Get to know Aumatics' HubSpot CRM and you'll never want anything else! With customization for integration, so that with HubSpot you immediately get more results with your Marketing and Sales!

HubSpot CRM's Sensitive Antenna

That antenna is adjusted so sensitively that HubSpot keeps a brilliant eye on whether your database is kept up to date. This also applies to receiving and valuing your mailings. Does HubSpot see too many emails coming back or getting stuck? Then HubSpot pulls the brake during shipment to warn you. You can then only continue the campaign if, for example, you have filtered the cancelers and the canceled mailboxes from your mailing list. So that was exactly what happened with us, when the percentage of inactive accounts turned out to be very high.

ActiveCampaign never noticed that our database could use an update in that area. ActiveCampaign provides statistics about the opening of the mail and clicks in the mailing. But HubSpot does more. It looks still during shipment how the mailing is received. If the reception falls short of expectations, it will ring the bell.

It was the wake-up call for us to clear the list. This prevents you from wasting valuable hours and euros on contacts with closed mailboxes, so that sales also have an excuse to call a company who the successors of these people are.

HubSpot thus proves that it can bring and keep your CRM at a high quality level.

Does that make HubSpot more expensive than ActiveCampaign? I do not think so. Quality always pays off. In addition, it is a nice thought that recipients of your mailing from HubSpot are really waiting for you, right?

Lennert Hut

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