HubSpot Marketing hub: full version vs. demo

Warning: you can easily get spoiled with the HubSpot Marketing Hub. Suddenly you have the entire Online Marketing landscape under one HubSpot orange button. We also wanted to try the other extreme. We compared the full version with the demo. And then back quickly.

As an experiment, we also tried out what we wanted to put in place for those interested starting from the beginning with the HubSpot Marketing Hub.

First of all, the landscape according to picture perfect: HubSpot performs best with as many hubs as possible around the CRM. You suddenly connect to the contacts in your database and behaviors on the website.

This is in line with the most important conditions for successful inbound marketing. Your website does not convert enough from one successful source. In addition: if that source disappears, the foundation under your lead generation will disappear and you can start again.

If you successfully use multiple sources, mediums and channels, then that is the indicator for online perspective. The HubSpot Marketing Hub sees the entire landscape and encourages follow-up.    

HubSpot is listening

An example from our practice: a visitor opens the chat window and leaves an email address. Since the HubSpot Marketing Hub listens in, the link is immediately established with your lead or customer. This allows you to see on which page the website visitor has arrived, which interaction there was and if a dialogue was started; what has been said.

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The GDPR with HubSpot Marketing Hub

If you have other hubs turned on, you can use the HubSpot Service hub, for example, to check whether this person has already raised the topic of conversation. This saves valuable time and you don't have to bother your colleagues for inquiries.

In case you're wondering: this chat session is also registered. With the permission of your interlocutor, of course.

HubSpot meets all GDPR requirements, so your privacy remains in good hands. If there is even the slightest doubt about that, you can even end up on the penalty bench. We wrote about that earlier in the blog about Email Marketing from HubSpot.

'HubSpot demo' as trigger

In this case, we naturally assume consent and what we see is that the topic of conversation pops up in more places than you think. The chat session is more valuable due to the interconnectedness of the HubSpot Hubs. Suppose the user has a question about integrating HubSpot on their system. In HubSpot Sales you can create a workflow or sequence for this, which then works. For example on the word 'HubSpot demo'.

Based on that chat session, the lead can then be added to a dedicated mailing list for a HubSpot demo. But in addition, the name can also be included in the sales flow for a phone call. Or of course a demo. 

Triggers, workflows and sequences

Your workflow could also determine this itself, if it is set up that way. That way it becomes a Sales Qualified Lead instead of a Marketing Qualified Lead. You can indicate this yourself, but the HubSpot Marketing Hub will also notice this itself if the conditions are met.

This lead can then end up on a new mailing list, for example for Tips & Tricks for HubSpot.

You send the mailing a few days after the demo. Again, the workflow takes care of that itself, because you have set this trigger once. This way you can keep the conversation going on the subject between a first and second visit. Is that part of the workflow effective? Then you see because the unique link in the mailing is assigned to your contact person.

This will be a very warm lead, we say to each other while rubbing hands!

The limitations with a HubSpot demo

We could go on and on, but we also had the prospect of the spoilsport. If we only have the demo, how far will we get? First of all, there is the lack of valuable signals.

You don't want a barrage of triggers, interactions and chats, and the campaign function in Marketing is intended for clear bundling. If it is turned off in the HubSpot CRM, you have to click through the hubs yourself to get the data.

You will then have to work yourself to assign the action to a certain campaign. Again: HubSpot in full version normally does this completely automatically. Just not the demo.

Also when it comes to follow-up you are better off with the full version. In the HubSpot Marketing Hub you have workflows. If you want to take steps with that, you will encounter limitations. For example, there is a lock on the social media module and you cannot keep your lead warm in this way. If you want to use the e-mail module instead, you can.

With HubSpot logo

However, you are stuck with a 'branded' mailing, so with the HubSpot logo in sight.

Curious about what your mailing in HubSpot demo does? That is partly possible. In the field of Sales, you can approach the Analytics within HubSpot. Are you curious about the Marketing stats, then it stops. You will have to get that data from Google Ads, Analytics, etc

In other words: loss of time and fewer signals in the HubSpot CRM.

Get started with HubSpot Marketing Hub!

Our summary: a Hubspot demo for the professionals might be a bit like dry swimming with steamed up goggles. But you experience HubSpot. The real solution? We are happy to give you a trial, where everything is. Our experience is that you'll never want to go back once you've tried that.     

Want to know more?

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