HubSpot CRM: market leader with total solution

Gartner, an IT industry research firm, sees HubSpot CRM as one of the industry leaders. The total approach for Marketing and Sales in particular is a game changer.

The approach entitles HubSpot to a place in the Gartner Magic Quadrant from the IT research agency for Marketing Automation. HubSpot CRM can be found in the field of the market leaders (Leaders). And you don't just end up in Gartner's lists.

The big names in CRM

Only Marketing Automation providers with many customers, proven added value, a good reputation worldwide and a minimum turnover of 25 million dollars are cited. Just taking part says a lot.

In the results, HubSpot is also this year between names such as SalesForce, MicroSoft Dynamics, Zoho, SugarCRM, Adobe and Oracle. Not the slightest names.

Especially the Leaders in the highest box on the right win the battle for the customers. In 2021 that will be Adobe, Oracle, HubSpot, Creatio and SalesForce. With this Marketing Automation software you have proven quality in your hands and that in itself is reassuring.

HubSpot in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Marketing Automation

Good is not good enough

But certainly when choosing a CRM, the demand for customization is indispensable. And what we think at HubSpot by Aumatics: for your organization you don't just want a good solution, but the best one for your situation.

For example, you want to apply more insight, analytics or more Marketing Automation. Another approach is also possible, for example that you want to work on your visibility with campaigns, social media and landing pages.

At least the big names are a good fit for the largest part. For example, Oracle is mentioned as a good solution because of the robust offer in Marketing Automation.

Customers of Salesforce also speak highly of the overview you get. Creatio is also result-oriented and offers great opportunities for Machine Learning.

All-in-one with HubSpot CRM

HubSpot customers also rate the platform highly, rather than on one particular aspect. HubSpot CRM is appreciated because of the total approach. Where other packages often focus on one part, HubSpot Marketing Automation covers the entire breadth.

HubSpot is able to display analytics and intelligence in the right way. HubSpot also distinguishes itself by its great ease of use. That comb makes you in no time are at full strength with your Marketing Automation.

Combined with a clear view on Marketing execution, with HubSpot you have certainty about a quick effect, a good prospect of lead generation, and all that with little preparation.

HUBSPOT CRM + Skilled integration by Aumatics

Curious how the experts at HubSpot by Aumatics make a success of your Marketing Automation?

Marketing expertise at hand

HubSpot therefore gives you a quick start of the top 5 providers. And you can only offer that because you have the knowledge in-house. In the words of Gartner: “HubSpot demonstrates clear insight into the Marketing Automation market.

Thanks to the hubs around the powerful CRM, HubSpot has now achieved around 30% growth for a few years in a row. This growth provides room for good investment. And as we have seen, HubSpot invests. It wants to become the champion in Marketing Automation. This is especially the case with integrations and the partner program on the assembly line.

For example, thanks to the more than 300 possible integrations with other software providers. As mentioned before, this is achieved without it becoming cluttered.

Onboarding by HubSpot

And if you can't figure it out right away, Gartner points to the professional onboarding, forums and documentation. Even if you don't have a complete Marketing or Sales department at your disposal, you do have the same amount of knowledge.

At Aumatics we can talk about that quick start. We also do not have large departments for Sales and Marketing. But just by curiously clicking through HubSpot, we were quickly informed from the start.

Because we also want to offer customers expertise, we have also invested heavily in the partner program.

And because Marketing Automation never stands still, certification is a continuous process. And we learn by doing, we conclude. But without the impressive overall overview that HubSpot, it would be a lot slower.

HubSpot demo for quick start

So if you're wondering whether HubSpot CRM is also the all-in-one solution for your organization, don't hesitate to ask. For example with a free demo. Follow the good example and let yourself be surprised, as we were surprised.


The experts at HubSpot by Aumatics are happy to advise you on which Hubs you desperately need for online success. Feel free to ask us!

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