The plus of your email address

November 6st

Tim van Empelen

IT engineer

How many mailing lists are you on? And if you don't know: how many newsletters do you receive in the Inbox every week? There are more than you think. Maybe more than you thought you received.

Do you ever wonder where a newsletter comes from? You can find out quickly. You can easily identify newsletter senders with this handy addition.

The next time you sign up for a mailing, don't just enter your e-mail address, but also add a plus sign (+) and your own text after your name. So for example ''. The newsletter will then simply arrive in your Inbox, but addressed to ''. This way you immediately know the origin of a newsletter.

Suppose you not only receive the latest football news, but also an unknown newsletter with offers, addressed to You then know that your address has been resold by the football friends. Time for the red card.

Do you receive spam or phishing via that email address? Then their site is leaking or hackers have made their move. Perhaps a permanent suspension is more appropriate, before your IT Security really gets into trouble.

PS: Do you think you recognize phishing? We have a challenge for you. And a few good tips.     

IT engineer at Aumatics, and always up for tips & tricks for safe and convenient use of your IT resources

Tim van Empelen

IT engineer