Cyber ​​Security in 2023: the fight against intruders


Lennert Hut

Online Marketer

Incidents and attacks on your cyber security are increasingly carried out unnoticed. The attack in which the door is flattened ('brute force') is on its way out. Instead, known and trusted personal data is increasingly used. After all, the use of that data does not set off alarm bells or not immediately.

Our Solution Partners for Cyber ​​Security are able to identify these methods and attackers. But under a few conditions.

Cyber ​​Security for underwater security

You can discover attackers with a complete overview. It is not enough just to monitor the network's access, because then you are asking to be attacked in a different way and in a different place. Large, important companies in particular are attacked 'underwater' in this way.

But don't think you're safe just because you're smaller. An attack is increasingly used for theft of trade secrets and the use of extortion, in order to achieve a major blow. And this data can mainly be obtained from large companies, but not only there. The damage of intrusion is on average many tens of thousands of euros, but a damage item with six zeros is certainly no exception.

“Is your Cyber ​​Security able to discover attackers everywhere? So not only when they are at your gate?”

The complete playing field

It is necessary for IT Security to know the entire playing field. So groups like last year's Fancy Bear, their methods and their targets.

Since these tactics are adjusted daily to become more effective, you need to keep up with them daily. Offering and installing a security product once is therefore not useful, as it will be outdated the moment you release it.

Our Solution Partners are therefore armed to the teeth with 24/7 detection. They keep a database and have the antenna out everywhere to identify 'bad actors'. In the broadest sense of the word. How did an attacker get in? What activity did the attacker fall through? Why was this not noticed before?

All this information is passed on as quickly as possible, so that cyber security is at the same level for all customers. So once you have purchased a Cyber ​​Security tool or hardware, the point is that it is continuously updated. And the hunt for detection of the next attack can be launched. It's not a question if it will come, but when?

Are you ahead of an attack? Could well be that the detection started at CrowdStrike.

* source: Global Threat Report 2022, Crowdstrike


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Lennert Hut

Online Marketer