Campaigns in HubSpot: 3 tips for more insight

Tools that allow you to discover where your website visitors come from are on the rise. But isn't it just as valuable to find out what they're coming to do? The campaigns in HubSpot tell you.

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With a few clicks in HubSpot you can discover the purpose of a website visit. And that actually seems a bit more important to us.

Lead generation tools have been conquering the online world for a few years now. They thus meet a growing need to get a grip on leads in the marketing funnel. In short: how to properly follow visitors who may become customers.

You do this for two reasons: to know where they come from, so you can get to know them better. And you do that to discover what they come to your website for.

You can answer the first question by, for example, implementing a lead generation tool on your website. These tools identify the IP address of visitors to your site and find out online where that address comes from. IP addresses must be traceable, for example to a company or an administrator.

In this way, other online information can be quickly searched for from the data. For example, the social media account, phone number and other info. That is completely legal, because this is public information and this information cannot be traced back to a person.

The tools cleverly combine this data and help you enrich the contact information. That in turn helps with discovering the intention of the visitors or lead.

HubSpot campaigns: the missing puzzle piece

But with only that information you do not yet know what those visitors are doing on your website. And we think that missing piece of the puzzle is even more important. And then HubSpot is your friend and knowledge partner.

With campaigns in HubSpot you can also find out in detail the behavior of the website visitor.

That way you can draw valuable conclusions about the purpose of the visit. For example, in which service or product the person is interested. But also: which vacancies you have, which news items attract attention and how the journey went.

HubSpot campaigns: our examples

You can do this very easily in HubSpot with campaigns. A campaign in HubSpot is the container of your online expressions about a certain topic. To give an example from our kitchen: we have, for example, the campaigns 'It Security' and 'HubSpot' running.

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Why should I create a campaign in HubSpot?

Our visitors use the same website. But a visitor for HubSpot by Aumatics is usually not interested in our IT Security solutions (not yet…. 😉). So you want to keep them separate.

A campaign is organized by theme. Do you have a website page, paid campaign, tweet, news item or even a workflow? Tag them with your subject and you will see the reason for the interaction.

With campaigns you discover on which theme your visitor is triggered. But also what the entire funnel was. Suppose your visitor sees your LinkedIn post and clicks on the page. Then the campaign in HubSpot pop-up at the bottom right does its job, because it is clicked. 

This order matters, because that who apparently works and so you want to see that repeated. Information you wouldn't have otherwise.

Getting started with campaigns in HubSpot

  • In Marketing, go to Campaign and choose Create campaign in the top right. Enter the info of your campaign and the goal:

Campaigns in HubSpot

  • Then you will fill or tag your campaign with all your platforms and media. In HubSpot, these are called the assets:Campaigns is HubSpot Asset button
  • This is when you start bundling. Collect all your sites, posts, messages and ads and tell HubSpot that they are about one and the same theme or topic.

An additional advantage, which we also discovered: you immediately make a handy overview for yourself 😉. Watch:

HubSpot Campaigns the overview with assets

From now on you can see from visitors what they are on your site for. Do you have a match in your Hub Spot CRM† Then you see the name. You can then approach this contact person in a targeted manner. For example with an informative email from Sales. Whether or not fully automated, controlled from campaigns in HubSpot with a workflow.

Since we already have inside information, you already know what this person is interested in. So that is Marketing and Sales with content.

And thanks to HubSpot, we can see that that conversion rate is a lot higher than cold calling.


Need more tips & tricks for a higher ROI of your campaign in HubSpot? Get to know HubSpot by Aumatics. We are happy to explain it to you. With a free demo if you want!