Aumatics Receives Data Security Certification 

June 24, 2022

Lennert Hut

Online Marketer

Aumatics has successfully completed the ISO 27001 certification process. The IT service provider is therefore certified for careful handling of data. 

The internationally recognized ISO27001 indicates that the data that is managed or used for Aumatics' customers is in good hands. To provide that certainty, the process was started last year in collaboration with our partner QVox.

During this period, QVox extensively tested and screened the methods, tasks, roles, procedures and data carriers within Aumatics.  

IT Security as a condition 
The successful completion of the final external audit was performed by BSI. This means that Aumatics complies with the ISO 27001 standard. The certification responds to a trend within IT Security, according to Ed van Puffelen, director/founder of Aumatics. 'Effective data security within an organization is a precondition. There are good methods and equipment for that, but that's just the start. You also have to show that an organization is set up around the requirements set by ISO 27001.'

'We see that threats related to IT Security are increasing. This requires more from us on both a technical and organizational level. With this certification, we show that we can convert our IT Security activities into results. With the ISO27001 certificate in hand, we know what to do to maintain this level. We will continue to strive for that every day'.