5 questions and answers about Apache Log4j

On December 10, a serious vulnerability was identified in the widely used Apache Log4j component. Is your company network at risk? We help you with 5 questions and answers.

This component is used in many IT products worldwide. It is wise to check as soon as possible whether your IT systems use this. This can be done quickly with the questions and answers below. Are you at risk? We are happy to assist you in finding and repairing the problem.

Apache Log4j FAQ

Log4J is a software component found in many software and hardware. With this component, activities are recorded in a so-called log register. 

The vulnerability in the widely used Log4J component makes it possible for malicious parties to execute arbitrary code remotely. In this way, access to confidential data can be obtained. In addition, misuse can be made by placing malware or ransomware.

The Log4J component is used in hundreds of products used by many organizations worldwide. Not only software, but also, for example, hardware products in which a web interface is present.

Abuse can therefore affect a great many companies. This vulnerability has therefore received the highest score from the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC). 

The NCSC has published a list of products that use the Log4J component and the possible vulnerability.


This list can be found at the website of the NCSC.

Yes, I am at risk. What now?

Aumatics conducts a non-binding IT Security scan for you and make a risk analysis on request. This way you prevent attackers from getting away with your company data. This can happen through the vulnerability in Apache Log4j, but also by using other external threats. Stay ahead of them! 

You can also reach us on 085 489 12 40 or ask your question directly in the chat window at the bottom left.

The National Cyber ​​Security Center also gives you advice on how to fix this vulnerability. See it news item about Apache Log4j from NCSC. The NCSC announced on December 13 that attackers are looking for this weak spot in networks and that it is urgent. 


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