Industry-oriented IT


Tailored IT Solutions

We design, deliver and manage smart IT solutions for your organization that are specifically aimed at the challenges you and your employees have. Such as efficient and optimal collaboration in a safe but also fun way. 

It increases effectiveness and ease of use and offers new opportunities to improve your position in the market to reinforce. 

We also have the right knowledge and solutions for your organization. Below are some branches where we specific solutions for delivery


With the focus on the goal that you have as a non-profit organization, it is important that you do not have to worry about your IT environment. They is after all support of fundraising and allocating resources with which you give substance to the charity you are committed to. We unburden various charitable organizations and help them with specific IT solutions and services. This is how we work together for a good cause. 

Industry-oriented IT solutions


No other industry is as dynamic as the financial sector. The boundaries between various areas of expertise such as capital management, risk and non-life insurance and investments are increasingly blurred. The industry is rapidly transforming and is driven by modern technology such as artificial intelligence and big data. At the same time, the supervisor sets high standards for the integrity and safety of the environment. Aumatics helps to keep the complexity manageable. With knowledge of frameworks such as the WFT, AVG or SOC, we help organizations moving forward with appropriate IT solutions. 

Software development

As software developer you set high standards for your IT environment. Effective source management, flexible capacity for development and testing and the right support in your DEVOPS process. You want a platform with high availability and 24 hour monitoring to offer your SAAS application or service. Aumatics helps the time-to-market for your products and provides scalable hosting solutions to guarantee your customers an optimal experience. You develop, we manage and monitor your IT solution.

Preventing Ransomware


Education and childrenreception centers are increasingly working together. This requires innovations that respond to the new needs of children, parents and organizations. IT plays a major role in this. Next de commitment to improve efficiency at among other things child planning and billing, IT is also in increasing extensively used to give children virtual virtual skills to learn. Aumatics helps with this with a safe, shielded environment and “kid proofchromebooks. We also offer userssupport adapted to your environment. 

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