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"Immediate support, friendly and fast"

Daily support with involvement

Your workplace and cloud services are set up to work as smoothly as possible. However, it is possible that you as a user are not able to figure it out for a while. Every day our skilled Service Desk is ready to help you if it doesn't work for a while or if you no longer know exactly how something works in your office or business application. 

But you can also use our Service Desk for functional user support for Office 365 or other SAAS solutions. 

Easily accessible, quickly helped and without menus or music on hold. 

We use a fixed amount per month per user so that you always know where you stand. Ever since € 29, -.

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Support and advice

The Service Desk employees are happy to help you with questions about the use of applications or systems. If necessary, they watch remotely, or show how it works again. Do you have a problem that cannot be solved immediately? Then a report is created in our helpdesk system and the team of specialists is immediately called in to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Can't do it remotely? Then we'll just drop by to sort it out.


A new employee? More storage space? Your organization is constantly changing and that places different demands on the IT environment. Then it is good to know that our Service Desk employees are ready to make the right changes quickly and in a controlled manner. We know your environment and, for example, know exactly what is needed to help your new employee get started right away. 

But we also implement other changes in your environment in a controlled, well-considered and fast manner. 

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Aumaticas Modern Workplace Managed


Sometimes disruptions have major consequences. What if the internet goes down, or an application server breaks down? Aumatics has a 24-hour Service Desk service available for emergencies that cannot wait. 

This way we don't lose time and we can act immediately. Our specialists analyze the situation and determine a suitable solution or available alternative together with you. Important components can be monitored for vital signs. This allows us to prevent or recover from incidents before they become a disaster.

outsource IT

More and more companies are outsourcing IT management and user support to a Managed Service provider such as Aumatics. For example, they do not have to worry about managing and monitoring their IT systems and the solving of IT disruptions is also performed by Aumatics. 

In addition to properly managing and securing the central IT server/systems, it is also wise to do this for the user's PCs and laptops. These must also be provided with security updates, new software and are protected against ransomware and other cyber threats

Having access to our Skilled Service Desk provides the necessary support for the employees themselves. Not only if it doesn't work technically, but also for functional questions about the most used applications. 

The Service Desk is the single point of contact and ensures that incidents are resolved quickly and changes are checked and fully implemented. In the output, Aumatics follows the ITIL process, but with a pragmatic interpretation. So no long, difficult procedures and requests, but controlled implementation of changes so as not to disrupt your business process.

Service desk
"With the Office 365 laptops managed by Aumatics, we can work together safely everywhere and if we have any questions, the Services desk is always available to help us!"
L. Cools
Office manager

User support

Our Service Desk is ready to support you on a daily basis. If you have functional user questions about, for example, Microsoft 365, but also questions about your Azure Cloud environment, Security or other IT-related questions. 

Just send us an email. We are happy to think along with you about how the Service Desk can best be used for your organization.

Or contact us by phone: 085 – 489 1240