The Aumatics DNA

We are different.
We are there for you as an IT partner.

Our story

Since our start in 2010, we have set ourselves the goal of completely unburdening our customers with the right IT services and a customer-oriented attitude. We are here for our customers and like to see ourselves as IT partner and not just as a supplier. As a result, we think and grow with our customers.

Thanks to our expertise, we know which IT solutions can best be deployed and which actually contribute to our customers. As a result, they work more efficiently, effectively and cost-effectively. We don't just deliver products, we provide services. And we do that in a managed form. So that you as a customer do not have to worry about it.

We are committed to our customer with passion and commitment, every day. We are pragmatic, concrete and have a no-nonsense mentality. We are different, we are Aumatics.

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We are here for our customers. That sounds short and trite, but it is that simple. We believe in a pragmatic, solution-oriented approach that actually helps the customer. No expensive consultants, thick reports and meager results. At Aumatics we keep things clear, simple and understandable for our customers at realistic costs. This way you will also experience our cooperation with us and of course we are open to feedback on how we can improve our service.


In this rapidly changing IT world, new technologies follow each other in rapid succession. More possibilities, new ways of working together and improved products are made available faster and faster. It means that we at Aumatics are constantly working on this. Of course because we like it. After all, if you like something, you keep getting better and that makes us all the specialists we are today. 

With an in-depth knowledge of the products and possibilities they offer so that we can translate these into solutions within your organization. We only supply those services and products who contribute and what is of use to you.

As Aumatics we have strategic partnerships with, among others, Microsoft, Watchguard, Datto, Veeam and Citrix. As a Gold Partner of Microsoft, for example, we safeguard our in-depth knowledge of Microsoft 365 and the Azure Cloud platform.

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It's not about the technique

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That's why we go further than others. We look at IT solutions from the customer's perspective, not just from the technical side. What exactly does the customer need? For example, how do Microsoft 365 products really help the customer? How can we make your business processes run better, faster, more efficiently and cost-effectively? How do your employees work even better, more effectively and more pleasantly together?
Use of IT as a means and not as an end in itself. That's how we see it. That makes us different.

This also means that we do not speak directly in technical language, but that we discuss and present the possibilities for the challenges you have as a customer in a clear manner. That technology will come later, but first have to clarify what you really need as a customer and which solution fits best.

Want that's what we believe in. The innovation should not only be technologically driven. The new products and IT services should actually help you as a customer. Add, improve or optimize something significant.

Does this view on IT and way of collaboration appeal to you? Just send us a message. We are happy to discuss your challenges and look at how we can make IT work optimally for you. 

Clear, in clear language and above all personal. Our office is set up for collaboration with a spacious open plan where we would like to welcome you and introduce you to the team. You can immediately experience the atmosphere and our way of working.


Get to know each other

That can be done easily. Send us a message or call us at: 085 – 489 1240.