Secure, reliable and eco-friendly

For its ‘private cloud’ services, Aumatics makes use of The Datacenter Group’s data centres in Delft and Amsterdam. In both data centres, Aumatics has its own, dedicated rack containing Aumatics’ servers and those of its clients. The data centre in Amsterdam serves as the emergency location.
The data centres in Delft and Amsterdam are secure, reliable and eco-friendly.


The data centres are manned 24/7 and are only accessible to authorised persons. Furthermore, the data centres are on Dutch soil, which means there is no risk of data having to be handed over to the authorities under pressure from foreign governments. The data centres are protected against fire by automatic extinguishing systems.

The Datacenter Group has all the relevant certification currently required of data centres: quality management (ISO 9001), physical security (ISO 27001) and information protection (NEN 7510). In addition, the data centres meet the ‘PCI DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard’, which assures maximum security for financial transactions.


Since their commissioning, the data centres have achieved a 100% uptime. The power supply is fully duplicated, including double emergency generators. The data centres comply with the ‘Tier 3’ norm, which guarantees a minimum uptime of 99.982%.

Twin Data Centre Concept: extra security

Aumatics has designed its IT infrastructure in accordance with the Twin Data Centre Concept. This concept involves the entire IT infrastructure (servers, internet connections, and systems) being duplicated and spread over two geographically separated data centres (Delft and Amsterdam).

Are your business applications highly critical, and is downtime out of the question? If so, the Twin Data Centre Concept gives you the possibility to opt for extra security by having the data centres serve as backups for each other (the ‘disaster recovery’ option).

If, despite all precautions, one data centre goes down or becomes inaccessible, the other data centre completely automatically takes over its tasks.

For you, as a client, this means that if a data centre goes down as a result of a disaster, your business applications simply remain available because they continue to run in the other data centre.


The data centres in Delft and Amsterdam are the most energy-efficient in the Netherlands, thanks to a unique cooling system specially designed for the purpose. The data centres only use green electricity (100% wind energy). The Datacenter Group is certified (ISO 14001) in the field of environmental management.