Having the right tools and security solutions in place, helps to protect yourself against ransomware.


Ransomware is a kind of computer virus that makes it impossible to access your computer or makes the information on your computer unreadable. To regain control and access to your files, you will have to pay the maker of the ransomware a sum of money. 42% of small and medium-size businesses view ransomware as the biggest threat to their business operations. The amounts needed to buy off ransomware vary from 300 to 99,000 euro.

There are currently no less than 640 million different types of ransomware in operation, distributed over all the different operating systems. On average, it takes 146 days before an attack is detected, and 4,000 ransomware attacks are reported per day. The actual number of attacks per day is many times higher.

Your employees: the weakest link

Whether it involves opening an unsafe email, viewing an unsecured website or using an infected USB stick, your company’s employees are the most important link in protection against ransomware. Aumatics will be happy to provide a knowledge session to make your employees aware and give them a number of ‘dos and don’ts’ in the area of network and workstation security.

How can you protect yourself against ransomware?

Becoming aware is the absolute number 1. Our security experts will be happy to come and tell you the main things to do and to avoid. They will also provide you with tips and tricks to keep your security up to scratch. Apart from employees, technology is also extremely important. Aumatics is a Watchguard Gold partner, which means it has the knowledge and resources to scrutinise your company’s security and, if you wish, to draw up a comprehensible improvement plan.

With intelligent network security measures, such as a Watchguard firewall, a large proportion of the threats can be neutralised even before they can inflict any damage on your company network. Other intelligent applications such as anti-malware and antivirus solutions, plus keeping all your computer systems and applications up to date, can reduce the risk of infection still further.

What can Aumatics do for you?

An Aumatics security expert will be happy to visit you to make your acquaintance and inspect your security policy. We can also provide you with intelligent hardware and software solutions; we explain, implement and manage them, relieving you of all concerns.

Aumatics is an expert on Watchguard security solutions and can deploy intelligent and affordable solutions to safeguard the security of your company network, leaving you free to do what you are best at – doing business.

Feel free to call us or send an email for a no-obligation introduction session, in which we will tell you in detail, and in comprehensible terms, about all the possibilities.

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