Help! I’m quarantined in HubSpot

Recently we set up a trial for a law firm for HubSpot Marketing Hub and HubSpot Sales Hub. But what if your invitations stall, because HubSpot pulls the emergency brake and place them in Hubspot quarantined contacts?

The object of this trial was to show them how easy it is in HubSpot to organise a seminar, inhouse event or offline event using HubSpot Marketing Hub and HubSpot Sales Hub.

Current solution 

Their current CRM system ContactManager is really old and mostly used by law firms (actually is built by a previous company that I owned) and only holds only clients, newsletters subscribers and no conspicuous leads or whatsoever. Next to their CRM system there are using as an email marketing tool.

Campaign flow

From one of the partners of the law firm I received I a Excel-file, holding more than 3900 contacts. We asked their website builder to embed the HubSpot tracking script into the website in order to capture submitted forms. The flow of this campaign is quite simple:

  1. Invite people by sending out HubSpot marketing emails to visit the page with seminar details using the excel file
  2. Capture the website subscription form
  3. Send out an automated thank you for registering email;
  4. One week for the seminar send out final confirmation email
  5. T -1 day send out a friendly reminder;
  6. a. Thank you for attending the seminar;
    b. We have missed you (no show) email.

Preparing for send out initial invitation

One of thing we always do when we are importing Excel files is some cleansing. So we extracted the first and last name from the combined named field, added the gender, added preferred language e.g. and imported the result in HubSpot.

HubSpot marketing email limits

According to HubSpot’s own documentation, these are HubSpot’s marketing email limits:

  • Hard bounces: HubSpot’s hard bounce limit is 5%. A normal ISPs prefer bounce rates to be under 2%;
  • Spam reports: HubSpot’s spam complaint rate limit is 0.1% (1 in 1,000 messages sent). Spam reports are when a recipient clicks the spam button report while viewing your email in their inbox, or drags the email into their junk folder;
  • Direct complaints: if any direct complaints are sent to HubSpot’s abuse desk, marketing email sending in your account may be suspended;
  • Unsubscribes: HubSpot’s unsubscribe rate limit is 5%. A healthy unsubscribe rate is less than 2%.

Bounce Rate around 28%

So we hit ‘send’ in HubSpot Marketing Pro…….ugh…… Within 10 minutes we were getting errors in HubSpot: ‘your bounce rate is too high. Please clean up your list.’ So we tried to clean to the list and after that we pressed send again. Again we hit high bounce rates:

HubSpot Quaratiane Blog 2


When configuring HubSpot and adding DNS records to enable HubSpot Marketing Hub sending from your email addresses not only for the recipients it is looking that an email is coming from your email account. Also from a technical point of view it is. Hitting this high bounce rates might get your whole email domain suspicious or even worse, blacklisted. So regular emails might not come through or are marked as (potential) spam.

Stale contacts and business development

One of the reasons why we are so fond of HubSpot is that HubSpot is a CRM, a Sales and an Omni channel (in this use case e-mail) Marketing solution. So it is able to tract everything activity of a contact.

From a website visit, reading blogs, opening marketing emails, social interaction to registering whether a plain email send by Outlook or Gmail has been opened or whether a contact opened an attachment. When reaching out to contacts, it is important to reach out only to contacts which have been active during the last year or 19 months.

Without an integrated system which records activities it impossible to determine whether this is the case.

How to prevent HUBSPOT quarantINED CONTACTS

Okay, let’s do this. As one of HubSpot beloved partners we managed to get this mailing list unquarantined. 

For most HubSpot users this is not an option. And we could only unquarantine our list with the promise that we would clean up our prospect’s list against an Email Validation And List Cleaning Services like Zerobounce, Neverbounce or KickBox.

There are a lot of other cleaning services I only mentioned the one with default HubSpot integration With this Cleaning services you can easily clean out the  valid, invalid, catch-all, spamtrap, abuse or do not email email addresses.

So next time we are going to setup a trial for one of HubSpot prospect and show them how good HubSpot is, in this case too good or…., we are going to held an mailing list against one of those cleaning services.

So curious how we can help your business grow and gain from our HubSpot experience, please contact me!


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